Factsheet for Exmoor & the Quantock Hills IPA

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Country: United Kingdom

Central coordinates: 51.15000000o [51o 8' 59" North], -3.61666667o [3o 37' 0" West]

Administrative region: South West (North Devon, South Somerset)

Area: 55900 ha

Altitude: 5 - 486

Site Description
The Exmoor IPA is a patchwork of habitats. Exmoor heath is a representative of wet upland heathland, and supports rare vascular plants whilst Exmoor cliffs support a vast diversity of vascular plants. This IPA also contains one of the largest and most extensive old sessile oak woodlands in the UK. The IPA is is largely owned and protected by Exmoor National Park Authority and has been managed for over 100 years.

Botanical Significance
Noted for bryophyte and habitat interest

Management guidance notes
Component sites: Coombe Martin - Hurlstone Point,Exmoor and Quantock Oakwoods; Exmoor Heaths, Hunter's Inn, Woody Bay, Watersmeet, Neck Wood,Barle Valley Woods, Doctor's Wood, Horner Woods, Watersmeet, River Barle.
Noted for vascular, lichen and habitat interest

Exmoor National Park Authority