Factsheet for Yorkshire Dales Limestone IPA

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Country: United Kingdom

Central coordinates: 54.22356752o [54o 13' 24" North], -2.14572452o [2o 8' 44" West]

Administrative region: Yorkshire & Humberside (North-west Yorkshire)

Area: 12119 ha

Altitude: 100 - 691

Site Description
Rare alpine plants flourish in the limestone crevices of the Yorkshire Dales. Yorkshire's limestone offers a unique habitat for a variety of plant species. The area is both of national and international biodiversity importance, especially for its assemblage of habitats, vascular plants, bryophytes and freshwater algae.

Botanical Significance
Noted for vascular plants, habitat, fresh water algae and bryophytes. Vascular plant Crit A - Arenaria norvegica anglica, Cypripedium calceolus. Crit B - Calcareous grassland. Bryophyte interest: Crit A - Thamnobryum cataractarum; Zygodon gracilis. Freshwater algae interest: Crit B - Surface standing waters.

Management guidance notes

Craven Limestone Complex: Grassington-Threshfield, Dib Scar & Malham
Ingleton, Whernside and Pen-y-ghent.
Ingleton, Twistleton Glen; Pen y Ghent
Malham Tarn
Three Peaks Limestone