Factsheet for Ranscombe Farm IPA

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Country: United Kingdom

Central coordinates: 51.38490161o [51o 23' 5" North], 0.45055449o [0o 27' 1" East]

Administrative region: South East (West Kent)

Area: 33 ha

Altitude: 30 - 100

Site Description
Situated on the North Downs, immediately west of the Medway Gap, In 2006, Plantlife acquired the site as a nature reserve, and since then, the area managed for arable plant conservation has increased twofold to over 8 hectares.

Botanical Significance
Ranscombe Farm has long been famed amongst botanists as one of the richest sites for arable plants in the UK. Notable plants include the UK’s largest population of the Nationally Rare Broad-leaved Cudweed (Filago pyramidata), the first British locality for Hairy Mallow (Althaea hirsuta) and local and rare species such as Ground Pine (Ajuga chamaepitys), Rough Poppy (Papaver hybridum), Narrow-fruited Cornsalad (Valerianella dentata) and Venus’s Looking-glass (Legousia hybrida).

Management guidance notes
IPA noted for vascular plant assemblages.
IPA consists of component site: Ranscombe Farm.
Considered one of 6 richest arable plant communities in UK (Byfield& Wilson 2005).