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Available data
The IPA database collates and manages information on Important Plant Areas (IPA). For each IPA site information (if provided) is held on species/ habitats/ IPA criteria/ threats/ land use/ protection and textual accounts of the site.

GIS boundaries
Plantlife International provides the IPA secretariat and maintains a GIS dataset of Important Plant Areas (IPAs) around the world on behalf of the Plantlife Partnership. This dataset is drawn largely from data provided directly by the Partners but also includes some data digitised by the Plantlife Secretariat or consolidated from 3rd party sources. Where possible we have included a polygon for each IPA, however there remain some sites where it hasn’t yet been possible to create a boundary polygon, in these instances the site has been represented in a separate dataset by a point showing its approximate location.

Requesting data
IPA site information on species/ habitats/ IPA criteria/ threats/ land use/ protection and textual accounts of the site is available in excel format. The IPA GIS dataset compiled by Plantlife International is usually available on request in ESRI shapefile format to use in GIS mapping software. Full terms of use are available here.

Data can only be provided to those outside of the IPA Network after a completed and signed data access contract has been received and terms of use have been agreed to – this will be facilitated by the IPA secretariat once an expression of interest has been received through the following form:

(Please Note: This is not an automated process and before requests are responded to they undergo internal authorisation by a member of staff, as such requests normally take 14 working days to turn around. Please note that at present requests may take longer than normal due to limited staff capacity.)

Privacy - Plantlife International will process your data in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. On occasion we may pass your data onto other members of the Plantlife International Partnership.

By providing your personal data you consent to it’s processing as described in the above statement.

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