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Welcome to the public area of the IPA database

This database holds information on Important Plant Areas in Europe. From this page you can search for and print the following information (in English) on IPAs:

Use the left hand menu to select the type of search you wish to make, select the other variables from the drop-down menus. For an IPA fact-sheet click on the name of the IPA and then click on ‘map’ to locate.

Currently the database holds information on IPAs in Belarus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia. In the next two years more information will be added about sites in Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia (FYR), Montenegro and the United Kingdom. The IPA database is set up for use in Europe, but in the future it is intended that it will be expanded to accommodate data from other parts of the world.

The IPA database is potentially available to any national IPA team who wish to identify IPA, as a tool to store and display their data. Please contact Plantlife for further information (enquiries@plantlife.org.uk).