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IPA Factsheet - Cairngorms
Site code
CountryUnited Kingdom
Administrative regionScotland East Highland (Easterness), Scotland Grampian (South Aberdeenshire), Scotland Tayside & Clackmannanshire (Angus)
Central co-ordinates56o 50' N / 3o 42' W map
Altitude269 - 600

 Site Description

 Botanical Significance Noted for habitat, lichens, vascular plants and bryophytes interest. Halecania rhypodiza

 General Habitat Description

Land use

Land use% CoverLevel

Threatened Species

Species NameIPA Assess.Species Assess.AbundanceData qualityCriteria
Buxbaumia viridis (Moug.) Moug. & Nestl20072000unknownunknownA(ii)
Cerastium fontanum ssp. scoticum Jalas & Sell20072007unknownunknownA(iii)

Botanical Richness

EUNIS level 2 code & nameIPA Assess.Habitat Assess.% of indicator speciesNo. SpeciesNational BiotopeData qualityCriteria
F2 Arctic, alpine & subapline scrub habitats2016201600unknownB
G3 Coniferous woodland2007200000unknownB
H3 Inland cliffs, rock pavements & outcrops2007200700unknownB
H2 Screes2007200000unknownB
D1 Raised & blanket bogs2007200700unknownB
H4 Snow or ice-dominated habitats2007200700unknownB
E4 Alpine & sub-alpine grasslands2007200700unknownB
G1 Broadleaved deciduous woodland2012201200unknownB

Threatened Habitats

IPA Habitat code & nameIPA Assess.Habitat Assess.AreaData qualityCriteria
4060 Alpine and Boreal heaths200720070unknownCii
7240* Alpine pioneer formations of Caricion bicoloris-atrofuscae200720070unknownCi
8210 Calcareous rocky slopes with chasmophytic vegetation200720070unknownCii
4030 European dry heaths200720070unknownCii
7220* Petrifying springs with tufa formation (Cratoneurion)*200720070unknownCi
6230* Species rich Narduus grasslands, on silaceous substrates in mountain areas (& submountain areas in Continental Eur200720070unknownCi
7130(*) Blanket bogs ( * if active bog)200720070unknownCi
6130 Calaminarian grasslands of the Violetalia calaminariae200720070unknownCii
8120 Calcareous and calcshist screes of the montane to alpine levels (Thlaspietea rotundifolii)200720070unknownCii
6430 Hydrophilous tall herb fringe communities of plains and of the montane to alpine levels200720070unknownCii
6150 Siliceous alpine and boreal grasslands200720070unknownCii
4080 Sub-Arctic Salix spp. Scrub200720070unknownCii
91A0 Old sessile oak woods with Ilex and Blechnum in British Isles200720070unknownCii
91D0* Bog woodland*200720070unknownCi
91C0* Caledonian forest*200720070unknownCi
5130 Juniperus communis formations on heaths or calcareous grasslands200720070unknownCii
4010 Northern Atlantic wet heaths with Erica tetralix200720070unknownCii
3130 Oligotrophic to mesotrophic standing waters witth vegetation of the Littorelletea uniflorae and/or Isoeto-Nanjuncet200720070unknownCii
8110 Siliceous scree of the montane to snow levels (Androsacetalia alpinae and Galeopsetalia ladani)200720070unknownCii
8220 Siliceous rocky slopes with chasmophytic vegetation200720070unknownCii


DesignationProtected Area NameRelationship with IPAOverlap with IPA
National Scenic AreaDeeside and Lochnagarprotected area overlaps with IPA14380
National Scenic AreaThe Cairngorm Mountainsprotected area overlaps with IPA33610
Special Protection AreaLochnagarprotected area contained by IPA1425
Special Protection AreaBallochbuieprotected area overlaps with IPA24
Special Protection AreaCaenlochanprotected area overlaps with IPA4950
Special Protection AreaCairngormsprotected area overlaps with IPA29260
Special Protection AreaForest of Clunieprotected area overlaps with IPA391
Special Protection AreaDrumochter Hillsprotected area overlaps with IPA6031
National ParkThe Cairngorms National Parkprotected area overlaps with IPA92380
National Nature ReserveAbernethyprotected area overlaps with IPA5242
National Nature ReserveGlenmoreprotected area overlaps with IPA243
National Nature ReserveCairngormsprotected area overlaps with IPA16910
National Nature ReserveInvereshie and Insriachprotected area overlaps with IPA1499
UnknownLochnagar IBAprotected area overlaps with IPA3611
Special Area of ConservationLadder Hillsprotected area overlaps with IPA1579
Special Area of ConservationMorven and Mullachdubhprotected area overlaps with IPA117
Special Area of ConservationCairngormsprotected area overlaps with IPA29170
Special Area of ConservationCaenlochanprotected area overlaps with IPA587
Special Area of ConservationBeinn a'Ghloprotected area overlaps with IPA2477
Special Area of ConservationDrumochter Hillsprotected area overlaps with IPA6031
UnknownLadder Hills IBAprotected area overlaps with IPA1579
UnknownCairngorms IBAprotected area overlaps with IPA29130
UnknownBallochbuie forest IBAprotected area overlaps with IPA83
UnknownCaenlochan IBAprotected area overlaps with IPA4905
Site of Special Scientific InterestDrumochter Hillsprotected area overlaps with IPA9644
Site of Special Scientific InterestBeinn a Ghloprotected area overlaps with IPA8049
Site of Special Scientific InterestBen Vrackieprotected area overlaps with IPA1867
Site of Special Scientific InterestForest of Clunieprotected area overlaps with IPA1284
Site of Special Scientific InterestGlas Tulaicheanprotected area overlaps with IPA454
Site of Special Scientific InterestCaenlochanprotected area overlaps with IPA4953
Site of Special Scientific InterestGlen Callaterprotected area overlaps with IPA1507
Site of Special Scientific InterestGarbb Choireprotected area overlaps with IPA228
Site of Special Scientific InterestFafernieprotected area overlaps with IPA251
Site of Special Scientific InterestCairwellprotected area overlaps with IPA23
Site of Special Scientific InterestRed Craighprotected area overlaps with IPA105
Site of Special Scientific InterestLoch Brandyprotected area overlaps with IPA99
Site of Special Scientific InterestGlen Ey Gorgeprotected area overlaps with IPA41
Site of Special Scientific InterestCairngormsprotected area overlaps with IPA28634
Site of Special Scientific InterestRiver Feshieprotected area overlaps with IPA544
Site of Special Scientific InterestNorth Rothiemurchus Pinewoodprotected area overlaps with IPA1503
Site of Special Scientific InterestAbernethy Forestprotected area overlaps with IPA5768
Site of Special Scientific InterestEastern Cairngormsprotected area overlaps with IPA16430
Site of Special Scientific InterestGreen Hill of Strathdonprotected area overlaps with IPA638
Site of Special Scientific InterestMorven and mullachdubhprotected area overlaps with IPA2498
Site of Special Scientific InterestGlen Fender Meadowsprotected area overlaps with IPA96
Site of Special Scientific InterestGlen Garryprotected area overlaps with IPA33
Site of Special Scientific InterestMaill Dail-Chealachprotected area overlaps with IPA36
Site of Special Scientific InterestLoch Conprotected area overlaps with IPA49
Site of Special Scientific InterestGlen Tamarprotected area overlaps with IPA4162
Site of Special Scientific InterestPollagach Burnprotected area overlaps with IPA36
Site of Special Scientific InterestCreg Clunie and The Ions Faceprotected area overlaps with IPA134
Site of Special Scientific InterestNothern Corries, Cairngormsprotected area overlaps with IPA1958
Site of Special Scientific InterestGlenmore Forestprotected area overlaps with IPA1434
Site of Special Scientific InterestInchoryprotected area overlaps with IPA1085
Site of Special Scientific InterestLadder Hillsprotected area overlaps with IPA4339
UnknownAthol/Glen Tilt IBAprotected area contained by IPA6166
UnknownDrumochter Hills IBAprotected area overlaps with IPA6031


TypeDescriptionYear startedYear finishes
Species Management PlanBuxbaumia viridis
Species Management PlanCerastium fontanum ssp. Scoticum



 Conservation Issues

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