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IPA Factsheet - Ardmeanach
Site code
CountryUnited Kingdom
Administrative regionScotland Argyll & Stirling (South Ebudes)
Central co-ordinates56o 24' N / 6o 9' W map
Altitude3 - 415

 Site Description The basalt cliffs to the north and west of the site support a rich assemblage of flowering vegetation, attributing this site with its Special Area of Conservation status. Flowering plant species characteristic of arctic/alpine conditions are found across the exposed cliff faces, including the rare Icelandic purslane, Koenigia islandica and mountain avens Dryas octopetala. The steep slopes offer species-rich, sub-alpine, grassland which grades into characteristic west-coast maritime heath and oak/hazel woodland. The species-rich mat grass, Nardus strica slopes are considered some of the best examples in Britain, which are managed for conservation by the grazing of cattle.

 Botanical Significance Noted for vascular plant interest of the Rock cliffs, ledges and shores, including the supralittoral; littoral sediment; subalpine grassland, specifically the site supports the near threatened plant, iceland purslane and seven nationally scarce vascular plant species, including hairy stonecrop, mountain avens and alpine cinquefoil. Three nationally scarce bryophytes also occur.

 General Habitat Description Noted for habitats: Species-rich Nardus grassland, on siliceous substrates in mountain areas (and submountain areas in continental Europe); Hydrophilous tall herb fringe communities of plains and of the montane to alpine levels

Land use

Land use% CoverLevel
nature conservation and researchMinor
agriculture (animals)Major

Threatened Species

Species NameIPA Assess.Species Assess.AbundanceData qualityCriteria

Botanical Richness

EUNIS level 2 code & nameIPA Assess.Habitat Assess.% of indicator speciesNo. SpeciesNational BiotopeData qualityCriteria
B3 Rock cliffs, ledges & shores, including the supralittoral2007200700unknownB
A2 Littoral sediments2012201200unknownB
E4 Alpine & sub-alpine grasslands2012201200unknownB

Threatened Habitats

IPA Habitat code & nameIPA Assess.Habitat Assess.AreaData qualityCriteria
6230* Species rich Narduus grasslands, on silaceous substrates in mountain areas (& submountain areas in Continental Eur200720070unknownCi
6430 Hydrophilous tall herb fringe communities of plains and of the montane to alpine levels200720070unknownCii


DesignationProtected Area NameRelationship with IPAOverlap with IPA
National Scenic AreaLoch na Kealprotected area overlaps with IPA1606
Special Protection AreaCnuic agus Cladach Mhuile protected area overlaps with IPA3253
UnknownMID-MULL HILLS AND GLENS IBAprotected area overlaps with IPA3419
Special Area of ConservationArdmeanachprotected area overlaps with IPA373
Site of Special Scientific InterestGribun Shore and Cragsprotected area overlaps with IPA222
Site of Special Scientific InterestArdmeanachprotected area overlaps with IPA3234


TypeDescriptionYear startedYear finishes
Protected Area Management PlanArdmeanach SSSI - Recommended management of SSSI
Protected Area Management PlanArdmeanach SAC management objectives


agricultural intensification/expansion (grazing)high
development (recreation/tourism)low
intrinsic species factors (slow growth, density)medium
abandonment/reduction of land managementlow

 Conservation Issues Overgrazing suppressing tree regeneration. Bracken incursion

Contact Information

ContactContact Type
Deborah LongSite report compiler
Beth Newman Site report compiler