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IPA Factsheet - Kenfig
Site code
CountryUnited Kingdom
Administrative regionWales (Glamorgan)
Central co-ordinates51o 31' N / 3o 44' W map
Altitude0 - 32

 Site Description Kenfig is one of the last remnants of huge dune systems that once stretched along the coast of Southern Wales from the River Ogmore to the Gower peninsula. It is of special interest for its extensive sand dune habitats and standing waters together with a mixture of associated coastal habitats including saltmarsh, intertidal areas, swamp, woodland and scrub.

 Botanical Significance Noted for Stonewort, vascular and habitat interest. Kenfig supports a variety of plants and fungi associated with the sand dunes and standing waters, most notably about 50% of the fen orchid, Liparis loeselii, population of the UK.

 General Habitat Description Dunes with Salix repens ssp. argentea (Salicion arenariae); Fixed dunes with herbaceous vegetation (`grey dunes`); Hard oligo-mesotrophic waters with benthic vegetation of Chara spp.; Humid dune slacks

Land use

Land use% CoverLevel
agriculture (animals)Minor
nature conservation and researchMajor

Threatened Species

Species NameIPA Assess.Species Assess.AbundanceData qualityCriteria
Liparis loeselii (L.) Rich.2007unknownunknownA(ii)

Botanical Richness

EUNIS level 2 code & nameIPA Assess.Habitat Assess.% of indicator speciesNo. SpeciesNational BiotopeData qualityCriteria

Threatened Habitats

IPA Habitat code & nameIPA Assess.Habitat Assess.AreaData qualityCriteria
2170 Dunes with Salix repens ssp. argentea (Salicion arenariea)20070unknownCii
2130* Fixed coastal dunes with herbaceous vegetation (grey dunes)*20070unknownCi
3140 Hard oligo-mesotrophic waters with benthic vegetation of Chara spp.20070unknownCii
2190 Humid dune slacks20070unknownCii


DesignationProtected Area NameRelationship with IPAOverlap with IPA
Site of Special Scientific InterestCynffig/Kenfigprotected area overlaps with IPA716
Site of Special Scientific InterestCynffig / Kenfigprotected area contains IPA776
National Nature ReserveKenfig Pool and Dunesprotected area contained by IPA508
Local Nature ReserveKenfig Pool and Dunesprotected area contained by IPA629


TypeDescriptionYear startedYear finishes
Protected Area Management PlanCore Management Plan for Kenfig SAC2008
Habitat Management PlanCoastal sand dunes HAP2005
Habitat Management PlanWet woodland HAP2002
Species Management PlanLiparis loeselii (Fen Orchid) SAP2002
Species Management PlanPetalophyllum ralfsii (Petalwort) SAP2002


consequences of invasive species (plant)high
abandonment/reduction of land managementmedium
climate change/ sea level risehigh
habitat fragmentation/isolationmedium
intrinsic species factors (slow growth, density)high

 Conservation Issues

Contact Information

ContactContact Type
Cath ShellswellSite report compiler